A solution for every finish.

Spray Plaster Systems have revolutionised the plastering trade as we know it and elevated it to the next echelon in a fast-moving industry. The range of ready-mix plasters from Knauf makes this process effortless and more proficient with an overall excellent finish.

Knauf ready-mixed finishes are a highly efficient direct alternative to traditional plaster for finishing walls and ceilings.

The spray finish is less prone to chips and cracks and offers an excellent quality of finish and is purpose-designed for a machine application. The benefits come from the plaster being supplied pre-mixed to the correct consistency for the spray application, no direct water supply is required on site and wastage is less than 1% which is a real step change on site.

The two products Available in the range are as follows;

  • Knauf Airless Backing:Knauf Airless Backing is a backing coat to fill or level holes or undulations on thin joint blockwork or in-situ concrete, this product can be applied up to 3mm thick in one application with a setting time of 12-36 hours. It is applied using on airless high pressure pump machine. No bonding agents or primers are required.
  • Knauf Airless Finish:This is used as a finishing coat for Knauf Airless Backing or as a direct finish coat onto smooth backgrounds such as taped and jointed plasterboard, precast panels, air-crete panels or refurbishment over previously decorated surfaces. This product is ideal for a smooth finish over Knauf Plasterboard with a two-coat application onto taped and jointed drylining systems. Knauf airless finish is applied 1-2mm thick with a drying time of 12-24 hours prior to decorating. It is applied using an airless high pressure piston pump machine

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Better for you, better for the environment

Knauf Airless Readymix Plasters are supplied in recyclable bags, ready for use. As water based products they are non hazardous to health or the environment, and with no mixing required on site you save water, mess and the associated slip and trip hazards. And with each 25kg bag covering 20m2 of wall, you’ll save on transport and delivery costs too.

Why choose CAP for Airless Spray Plaster

The plasters are naturally flexible so resistant to cracking, flaking or chipping. This reduces the decorating required on the finished surface and makes it more durable and easier to maintain long term.

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